Compete with fiber speed offerings in both urban and rural tower sites with the A6. Wi-Fi 6E technologies offer unparalleled 60 bps/Hz spectral efficiency and high capacity 8×8 multi-user MIMO and OFDMA technologies, ensuring sufficient AP capacity to handle large populations (200+ subscribers) at almost any rural tower location, or even in the most dense city urban environments. Unlicensed bands usually have crowded spectrum in cities, and even at tower collocation sites in rural areas. The A6 brings an arsenal of new, advanced noise fighting techniques to make it easier than ever to overcome noisy conditions and deliver reliable services in unlicensed spectrum. Whether it’s overcoming noise or punching through a bit more near-LOS foliage, who wouldn’t want an improved link-budget? The A6 introduces a series of new integrated antenna and baseband features to get over 10 dB signal improvement without needing to increase the device form-factor size. Small sites require complex and costly power and switching equipment between backhauls and APs. As new devices introduce higher speed 10 Gbps equipment, these costs are rapidly making site expansion too expensive for ISPs. The A6 is equipped with an internal switch and multiple integrated 10 Gbps SFP+ for easy interconnectivity without requiring an external switch. Dedicated 48 V DC power inputs remove the need for additional Ethernet runs when deploying fiber.